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How to order your own custom-made Bongalong™

  • In the section below, choose one of the artists that you would prefer.

  • Then you can upload one or two theme images.

  • Write a short description of the aesthetic that you are after.

  • When we receive the 50% deposit the ideation process will start.

  • After we get the deposit the artist will make a basic mockup of what you want.

  • Based on the mock-up image we can discuss any changes and then the artist will continue from there.

  • If you would like to get another mock up made just incase you can request one for an extra R200.

  • We will send you pics when the Bongalong is completed.

  • Once we are paid in full for the Bongalong, it will be shipped straight to your door.

  • Please send any questions you have to

  • Please note that all Custom Bongs are Hand Painted by a Local Artist.

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