Glass Bong

Glass Bong

R1 200,00Price

We took our Real Makoya design and created a Glass Bong.

The downie is glass as well


Each Glass Bong will come with a Box of Bong Drops.


The Vase has a little story…

There once was a man named Smokey Jo, He ran a little company called Bongalong… One day he decided to go up lions head with his bong to challenge the devil to a showdown!
As van Hunks did before him.


Smokey grabbed his trusty bag of bongs and hit the road. After a lengthy search and a climb of epic proportions, climbing past where other stop ever higher and higher, cup after cup, he smashed them like it would be his last ever chance to smoke bongs!! Low and behold the devil appeared along side him van hunks, ” Who dares summon the dark lord” “I did” replied smokey ” as a man, that would like to tell you that its time we have a showdown because soon da ganja won’t belong to you anymore!”.


Out raged the devil replied with a lengthy story of why that day would never come. Smokey laughed and said ” One day soon legalisation will come, there is no more rational escape for you!”. after many hours there was no agreement “duh what did you expect, its the devil after all”… But they did have a showdown! and Smokey stood his ground… for this van hunks granted Smokey the essence of smoke, And imbued it into his Bongs! And the gold generation was Born…


For more on Smokey’s adventures keep your eyes on the blog…

The Ultimate smoking experience,

Exceptionally smooth Bong (Water Tobacco pipe).

Pop it in the fridge for 10 mins and enjoy a whole new experience.