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Where it All started

On the 29th of August 2013, Bongalong™ was born – registered and trademarked. During this time I was finishing off a 3 year course in Industrial Design. From what I learned about how corporations use specific tools to get what they want, I realised that I could use these same techniques to try and do some good in the world. I also realised that using my skills to boost myself and my own ego would never lead to real happiness. I decided to apply my skills to do stuff that would benefit others.

I wanted to design a bong that smokes like a dream, looks like it belongs in a french wine boutique and supports socially sound and sustainable practices. Of course there were quite a few things to do: Designing of graphics and a website, product development and implementation, packaging, strategising and all sorts of really corporate things… Eventually, Bongalong produced the “Naughty Vase”. Finally sales began, with the money made from this first designer item I could grow the company.

After some time selling these vases, it hit me, a designer bong could do more than just raise money and make people happy. I realised that by attracting those unfamiliar to cannabis culture by the beauty of the design, Bongalong could raise awareness: How could something so wonderful be part of a negative “DAGGA CULTURE”; how could a person who smokes everyday, produce something so amazing. I started using the brand to elevate the perceived value of Cannabis in our society.

What we do

Bongalong™ produces authentic, local, handmade designer Smokin’ vases and quality smoking accessories for connoisseurs and truth seekers.   We sell and make products focused on giving the user the best value for money and an exceptional experience.   We advocate the decriminalization and legalisation of cannabis in South Africa and because we strongly believe in every persons right to use a god given plant we make a donation to the Cause for every Bongalong™ product sold.   We do this to keep the legalisation flame alive, as the DaggaCouple who are fighting a legitimate legal battle for us all, need more help than you can imagine. we need to stand as one force, as one voice and as one people, if we want to make this positive change for us and future generations.

Bong Models
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