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NV White

Naughty Vase

R770,00 Regular Price
R616,00Sale Price

Pop it in the fridge for 10 mins and enjoy a whole new experience.

Naughty vase, your professional smoking partner.


Bongalong™, Bringing Designer smoke ware to South Africa.

For Every Naughty Vase sold, we save as much as we can to make things happen.

we strive to spread awareness organising rallies, workshops and Marches.


Check out the 3rd of may Global Cannabis March Cape Town #CapeGCM.

where 4000+ people gathered in the streets of Cape Town to support Mary-Jane.

We organised the Cape Town Cannabis march 2015 that had 15 000 attendance.

And 2016 we had 25 000 marchers and such a jol, the after effects have been real. The march in Cape Town has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

It has increased the international and national attention that we need at the moment. There are forces that do not want to see the legalisation happen, so we need to make it happen.


This fight is one that is not going to be won for you, for us. Its only going to be won by us, if we stand together.


Check out the production video, its a short clip just to give you an idea of how much effort goes into every bong. Bongalong wants to bring you supreme products whilst still keeping it local and sustainable.


The people we work with for manufacturing are scrutinised to make sure they pay their employees fairly and create a happy environment to work in.


The naughty vase and all the other Bongalong™ bongs are made in South Africa, and they are made by hand. The Bongs design is so that you have less splashing more volume and a really smooth hit.


Here at Bongalong we believe in Smoking a bong a certain way, otherwise it is just a pipe, If you smoke it just right you will have a much more enjoyable and flavourful experience.

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